The Challenge

Life on our earth is facing at least three distinct but interrelated environmental problems: global warming, pollution and destruction of natural habitats.  Like runners in a relay race, we hold the baton for the next generation and we all have a part to play.  This law firm tries to help in two ways.

How we deliver our service

Firstly, the way we deliver our service.  Our team is encouraged to work locally, flexibly, to pick up the phone and use the latest video conferencing technologies to communicate. We try to keep our business travel to a minimum, and when we do need to travel, we try to use the greenest form of transport, provided this is practical. As well as being paperless, we source our electricity from a power supplier that focuses on renewables.

The work we do and our pricing policy

Secondly, there is our pricing policy.  We work for all types of businesses involved in international trade, shipping and energy, whatever they do.  However, we give significant discounts to clients who are trying to find ways to solve the problems identified above.  In so doing, we hope to play a small part in the transition to a fairer, more sustainable and healthier world.

The Long Swim 2018.jpg
August 2018 – Ted keeping Lewis Pugh company on one of the 49 days that Lewis took to swim the length of the English channel as part of his campaign for healthier oceans .

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